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We all know that you have to keep your eyes on your future career goals if you want to make them happen.

You must know where you are going so you can figure out what tasks to prioritize or ask for at work and what your learning plan should be.

Do you need sales skills because you want to be a consultant and you will need to sign clients?

Do you need leadership skills because you want a C-Suite role?

Do you need technical skills, because your future industry requires them?

If we don’t think about what WE need as opposed to only what our EMPLOYERS need, then we are only helping THEIR careers rather than our OWN.

But, as I said, we all know this.

So why don’t we do it?

Because, it’s HARD, it takes TIME, there are too many OPTIONS, and, did I mention, it’s HARD!

I have one piece of advice to counteract ALL of those excuses.



  1. Start with one thing so simple and easy that it will seem like it doesn’t matter.

+ Listen to one podcast a week by someone you admire in your dream industry, or

+ Talk to one person a week and tell them what you want to do next and why, or

+ Find one company a day that you would like to work at and skim their website or

Linkedin page, or

+ Read one article/blog a week about a company in your dream industry, or

+ Watch one Youtube video that teaches you a new skill or part of a new skill.

2. Do it until it becomes a habit. Until you don’t even think about how to fit it in any more. Until it is just part of your routine.

3. Then pick one more simple, easy thing and do the same thing, while you keep doing the first thing.

4. Rinse and repeat.

5. Observe your growing network, your deeper knowledge, your clear idea of the next step to take!

If you give yourself permission to make it easy you will gain so much momentum without even realizing it.

You can move yourself forward in your career so much faster and with much less angst than if you waited for inspiration to do the big things, or all the small things at once.

The compound effect of all the small things will produce transformation so much faster than any other big thing we want to do, because big things feel hard and take time, there are too many options AND, mostly because we don’t do them!

That is the best news. Your progress will feel easy!

After doing this for a while, you might even think about tackling the “big things” if you break them down into small easy things.

Maybe nothing needs to be hard?

What can’t you accomplish if you can make anything feel easy?

And when people ask you how you made such amazing changes, and they will, you can tell them it was easy.

They won’t believe you, but you can tell them your secret.

And if they are not small minded, they might try it too!

PS - If you want help to figure out how to get started, or to figure out what those future goals are, sign up for a free consultation with me and let’s talk about how you can get started. CLICK HERE to sign up for a free spot on my calendar.

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