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Live a flexible, purpose driven life starting today! 

You are meant for more!

Live up to your potential, challenge yourself, grow, make an impact, create something meaningful to you
Have time for your friends, the gym, vacations, hobbies and of course - yourself! 

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What's the Plan?

My unique START AT THE END program is for anyone who knows they are MEANT FOR MORE and wants to feel relevant, challenged and impactful again- instead of just feeling busy. 


My program combines the power of  LIFE coaching with the best proven strategies of CAREER coaching so that you can start doing something meaningful to you now, with confidence and clarity, and without worrying about your previous experience, education or "career gap".

Most importantly, I show you how to do what you love and what energizes you so that it



Let's work together so that you can start feeling relevant and excited right now!

I am sure you have heard all the ways to get a new job in another field, in a different role or after a career gap. BUT most involve more school, creating a resume that covers up your experience gap in inauthentic ways and starting at the bottom just to get your foot in the door.


I don't think that is worth your time and effort. You have so much to offer right now.


But everyone is different. 

We will explore what is important to you and what is holding you back.


You will DEFINE your purpose, DECIDE where to aim it,  and DEVISE a plan that has you DOING IT from the beginning. 

And we won't waste your time talking about school, boring jobs or resumes!

The best way for you to get started is with a

FREE  30 Minute Introductory Coaching Session.

We meet via Zoom or phone (your choice). 


You will learn the first and most important step so that you can get started right away.


If you are interested you will learn how my unique combination of life and career coaching will show you how to  live a purpose driven, flexible life that you love.

Are you in? 

I can't wait to meet you!

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