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Are you staying in your current job ONLY because it feels safe?

Because you know what you are doing, you know how to navigate the systems and people around you?

Because it's HARD to figure out what to do next and even HARDER figure out how to get there?

In 1928, John Shedd released a collection of popular sayings. This one caught my eye:

"A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for."

Now of course we can all see the wisdom in that. We immediately realize that we should probably reach for better, newer or different things as we go through life. After all, isn’t variety the spice of life?

BUT I want to ask you a question:

Is a ship in harbor safe?

+A storm can destroy a ship in harbor.

+Looters can steal from a ship in harbor.

+Other boats coming in or out can collide with and damage a ship in harbor.

So… is your job really safe?

+Economic downturns can affect your salary and your job security ( ahem..Covid).

+A company can get sold altering personnel, job functions, processes and systems.

+A new policy can be initiated that doesn’t align with your vision of your role.

+A new employee can be hired that you find challenging to work with.

If the ship is not really safe whether it is in the harbor or in the open waters, why not set sail and see what the voyage has to offer?

Why forgo enjoying the scenery, catching fresh fish for dinner, learning how to sail and how to navigate bad weather, crashing waves and other obstacles.

Same question about your job. If it's not really safe to stay where you are, why not venture out and see what the world has to offer?

Why forgo learning a new skill, making a bigger impact or more money, learning how to navigate a job search so you aren’t afraid to “jump ship and dive in” the next time you feel something pulling you forward?

Of course there is risk in exploring new territory.

However, avoiding the risks involved with embarking on a new unknown adventure robs you of the opportunity to move forward and to see what you are capable of.

The tradeoff, the comfort of your current job comes with no guarantees and keeps you stuck in a false sense of security.

Maybe it's time to take the plunge and see what the world has to offer.

PS - If you want to figure out how to navigate those murky waters of finding a new job, sign up for a free consultation with me and let’s talk about how you can get started. CLICK HERE to sign up for a spot on my calendar.

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