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Many of my clients come to me because they want a purpose driven job but they are stuck right out of the gate because they have no idea how to find their purpose.

They all have one thing in common.

They believe the MYTH that your purpose is out there in the world.

Therefore, when they try to choose that ONE RIGHT job with the RIGHT PURPOSE from all of the infinite possibilities of jobs and organizations in the world, of course they are stuck feeling confused and overwhelmed.

I know that when I am confused and overwhelmed my solution is to do nothing! I remain stuck, not finding my purpose but also not living in my purpose right now. It is a losing proposition either way!

But this is not how it has to be. We don’t have to go further than our own thoughts to find our purpose.


-> It is NOT something that can be found outside in the world, like a cause you can join.

-> It is NOT who receives the benefit of your actions, like your children or an underserved community.

-> It is NOT what job you do, like a parent or doctor or teacher.


You don’t need a search party to find it.

Your purpose is to be the person who uses your unique blend of energizing strengths to impact the world, your community, your family and yourself! More on this in a minute!

It doesn’t matter what cause you may or may not support. who benefits from your strengths in action, or what job you choose to do. These things are the AUDIENCE TO YOUR PURPOSE.

As your life circumstances change you don’t need a new purpose, you just need a new AUDIENCE for your purpose.

Once you identify your purpose then the world opens up for you.

You will realize there are a multitude of people you can help, causes you can advance and roleS you can fill using your energizing strengths.

You can just pick the next thing that appeals to you because you are interested, because you want to!

If you don’t enjoy it you can try something else. There is no pressure to find and stick to that one right thing, as if we can ever know what that is anyway!

In fact, maybe you can make a bigger impact by having several audiences over time.

Impacting the world using your energizing strengths is how you live into your purpose.

Getting clear on your energizing strengths is a two step process.

+First, identify your strengths.

+Second, identify which give you energy and which are depleting.

The strengths that give you energy, that you enjoy using, are the ones that define your purpose.

Ironically, people are not very good at defining their strengths.

Most strengths come naturally and therefore they view them as a “baseline”, something that surely everyone can do - which is, of course, not true.

They believe that strengths are only the skills they have worked very hard to attain. But, again, this is not true.

Taking an assessment to help you identify your energizing strengths is a perfect place to start.

If you would like to start right now you can CLICK HERE and use my free PURPOSE FINDER QUIZ (7 questions/15 minutes).

Fifteen minutes to identify how you can feel confident and energized in anything you choose to do.

Are you in?

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