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What if Imposter Syndrome is not a problem? Seriously, my friends. What if?

In fact, what if Imposter Syndrome was actually a sign that you are doing something right? That you are evolving to a better version of yourself?

Hmmm - stay with me here, WHAT IF - the ONLY way to grow, move forward, or do something new, is to experience Imposter Syndrome?

What if Imposter Syndrome is the GOAL!!!!

After all, isn’t the reason you ask questions, research, learn and practice, a result of that nagging worry that you don’t have all the answers and the feeling that you are an “imposter”?

Of course it's scary and uncomfortable to feel like there is always so much more to learn before you allow yourself to think you are an expert, or even competent.

But, it has been shown that highly talented people often underestimate how good they are.

They are filled with doubt and uncertainty.

They think that what is easy for them is easy for everyone, so they don’t value those skills as much as they should.

They don’t think they are experts - they think they are lying, exaggerating IMPOSTERS, when they say they can do things because they know that there is so much more they can learn about how to do those things better, faster or more.

BUT ironically, these are most often the people who perform the best!

Why? - Because unlike people who think they have all the answers, they are the ones who are on the lookout for different points of view, new information and ideas, and the best way to level up their knowledge and skills.

The problem comes from believing that not knowing “enough” is a problem!

Just because there is always more to learn doesn’t mean you aren’t capable now!

What if you are perfectly capable AND you can still learn more?

What if it is Imposter Syndrome itself that is the real imposter? WHAT?

Imposter Syndrome is pretending to be a problem when it is really just Wisdom!

Wisdom is the awareness that while you might know a lot about something, there is also always a lot you don’t know.

This awareness is what keeps you growing and evolving. It isn’t a problem, it isn’t an obstacle.

It is the very mindset that compels you to learn more. It is a strategy for growth and evolution to a more capable you! This is the GOAL!

To overcome allowing Imposter Syndrome to stop you from pursuing your goal now:

ASK YOURSELF: How am I capable, competent and able right now?

AND REMIND YOURSELF: That is a completely separate question from how you might learn more.

Imposter Syndrome should be celebrated if it propels you to keep growing, But don’t let it prevent you from appreciating who you are now!

Remember that Imposter Syndrome is just Wisdom posing as a problem and an obstacle to enjoying your ability to contribute RIGHT NOW with your CURRENT SKILLS, TALENTS AND STRENGTHS!

Don’t fall for it. You are wiser than that!

PS - If you want to help to figure out how you can handle that uncomfortable Imposter Syndrome feeling and get on with your career goals right now, sign up for a free consultation with me and let’s talk. CLICK HERE to sign up for a spot on my calendar.

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