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The key to getting a job is transferring your belief - “that you can deliver to the organization/client what they need” - to them, so that they believe - “they need you to get what they need”.

Simple right?

BUT- if you don’t authentically have the belief that you can deliver then it is very difficult to “sell” them on that belief.

SO, what do you do when you don’t really believe you are the person who can do the job?

I know my first instinct is to stop trying to get it and just move on and look for a different job that I do believe I can do.

HOWEVER, if I only look for jobs based on my current beliefs about my abilities then I will only have a job like the one I am currently doing, which might well be no job at all!

THE BIG QUESTION IS - How do you create the belief, for yourself, that you are the person who can do that job?

Let me start by telling you that a belief is simply a thought that we think over and over again, until it becomes automatic, like a default setting. In turn we think that the belief is the “Truth” (Capital “T” Truth). Then we tend to scan the world and collect evidence to support our thought that our belief is indeed the “Truth”.

Therefore, it makes sense that to create a new belief, you just need to think a new thought over and over again, right?

But it's not that easy.

The new thought has a lot of competition with the old thoughts that formed our belief that we aren’t perfectly suited to a new job or project. Not to mention that you have found a lot of evidence to support that old belief.

So you don’t only need new thoughts about your capabilities, and to think it over and over again, but you also need to create evidence that your new thoughts are true.

So I offer you a tool I have used: a Belief To Do List.

There are 3 steps to this.

  1. Identify a belief you need to drive your growth (be the person you want to be).

  2. Ask yourself - What you would be doing today if you already believed that?

  3. What are 2-3 things that you identified in number 2 above, that you can do now.

Those 2-3 things go on your weekly Belief To Do List.

Here’s an old example of mine:

Situation: I wanted to build a life coaching business, which I hadn’t done before, but really wanted to do. I didn’t believe that I was a good coach and had a hard time getting clients to sign up with me. Because I didn’t think I could coach them well, I couldn’t transfer the belief to them that they needed me to coach them.

Result: No Clients!

Here is how I did this exercise.

  1. I need to believe that I am a fantastic coach who puts out so much great value that clients come to me.

  2. If I believed that:

    1. I would be creating great content.

    2. I would be getting it out there to a ton of people.

    3. I would be telling everyone to read my content.

    4. I would be letting everyone know that I am a life coach and that I know I can help them.

  3. My Belief To Do List:

    1. Write a blog about a life coaching subject I felt passionate about.

    2. Post the blog on Facebook and other social media platforms.

    3. Tell 3 people that I meet that I am a Life Coach.

As you do this each week, you are not only gaining experience doing the very thing you would like to do, but, more importantly, you are creating evidence for the belief that you ARE the person who could deliver that result - for yourself and consequently to your prospective employer and/or clients.

Win - win if you ask me!

PS: Don't know what to believe because you don't even know what you want to do?

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