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Do you know why you don’t have that job or promotion you have been dreaming about?

TRICK QUESTION! (Hint: Who is buried in Grant’s tomb?)

It's because you are ONLY DREAMING about it.

How do I know that?

Because if you were acting on it you would either have it already or believe it is going to happen. It would be a reachable goal, a reality that is going to happen and not a dream that lives only in your imagination.

It would have moved from a dream to a possibility to something that you know is INEVITABLE.

Yes - inevitable - even though you don’t know exactly the when or the how of it.

AND the good news is that you are only ONE ACTION AWAY from making the switch from DREAM to REALITY.

TAKE ACTION - any action, big or small, right or wrong, successful or unsuccessful. Yes - that’s right, any action gets you closer to your goal. The minute you take action, that job or promotion is no longer JUST A DREAM. It becomes a REAL THING that you are REALLY working towards.

BEWARE - you may want to fool yourself into thinking that you have to prepare to take action and you end up doing things that feel like you are moving forward but are really just keeping you busy. You have to take productive action not passive action.

Here are some examples:

Stop perfecting your resume. Instead, reach out to people who work at the companies where you want to work and tell them about yourself.

Stop reading how to brand yourself. Instead, post on Linkedin every day for the next month and let people read about you.

Stop working on your portfolio. Instead, bring your projects to people in the field and ask for feedback.

Stop watching what your manager/director does. Instead, actually do, or pitch doing, a project that someone at that level does.

Stop taking classes, reading books, learning about how to do what you want to do. Just jump in and DO it and LEARN from the results - what worked, didn’t work, what to do more of and/or less of.

More information is, almost always, NOT the answer! It is just a means to feel busy in the moment and avoid the fear of taking an action that might fail. Or might feel hard to do. Or that we are not confident about. I understand, believe me, I get it.

But, with only passive action, while you might learn a lot, that job/promotion will still just be a dream, residing solely in your imagination.

Implementation and iteration are the productive actions of progress!

Discomfort and fear are the currency of your goals.

It's okay to be afraid and uncomfortable.

It’s smart to be wary of new things that might be challenging.

But that doesn’t mean we need to react to those fears with inaction.

We can react to fear and discomfort by cultivating courage.

You have been courageous before - or you wouldn’t be where you are today.

If you are a human, you have failed before. And here you are - safe and sound!

How can you stop dreaming and take action to make that dream a reality!

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