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I have been thinking about all the ways to be more successful. Should I be more engaged in social media? Network more? Learn more? Create more content?

Yes, all those things might work, but then I feel overwhelmed and anxious just thinking about them.

So I just go back to doing more of what I have been doing. And I work hard and feel good about my efforts.

But I am forgetting one big thing.

I am a product.

All of us, with respect to our careers, are a product that we want the boss or client to buy - aka- hire, promote, reward, or recognize in some way.

Our boss is the customer.

Think about that.

If that’s true, consider this:

The most successful companies continually invest to try to improve their product over time - to make it more attractive to customers who haven’t tried it yet, to retain current customers and to make the product so great that customers are willing to pay more for it than for similar, but less advanced, products.

Think Apple or Nike.

Here is the great news.

You are also your CEO!

You are in charge of investing to improve your best and only asset - YOU!

Investing is a different mindset than spending. Investing means that you will get more back than you give out. That is a winning proposition.

So invest in yourself to improve your product.

Invest your money, time and/or your effort.

Be creative and efficient so that you get results without getting overwhelmed and anxious.

You don’t want to go bankrupt - that’s burnt out in this scenario!

Here are some ideas. Start with one that seems like a reasonable choice for your “company”.

Invest money in:

  • A course to up-level or learn a skill

  • An upgrade of the tools of your trade (new computer, better internet, standing desk)

  • A virtual assistant - to free up your time to do something more productive

  • A career coach

Invest time in:

  • Networking (talk to everyone you can who works at your 3 dream companies)

  • Going to conferences or reading articles about the future of your industry (this gives you something to discuss with people you network with)

  • Pitching a project at your current job that shows that you can do more sophisticated work or that you have more skills than you are currently using.

Invest effort in:

  • Doing all of the above with intention, creativity and curiosity so that you enjoy it.

- don’t just go through the motions. (BTW - this is where a career coach

might help).

  • Making sure that you maximize your investments in time and money.

- cultivate your new connections

- use your new skills

- share what you learn from courses, reading, networking or events

  • Creating benchmarks to assess whether your investment is paying off, and pivot or iterate as needed.

Over time you will create a better product that your customer will value and pay for! And if they don’t, you will be able to attract a different more engaged customer willing to spend more money!

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